Some Services Revert to Dissabled

Dec 23, 2015
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My OS is Windows 7 Pro 64bit.
There are Two Problems which are related to each other.
The Power Management keeps reverting to default settings, weather I use Balanced or High Performace.
Ea; If I Setup things like , Turn off the Display, Put the computer to sleep, require a password on wakeup, turn off hard disk after, sleep after,turn off display after Say 5 Minutes.
Some time later in the Day These Settings have all Reverted Back to Default.
Now at this point if I go to Services I Noticed that These Settings have also Reverted to Dissabled ( SSDPDiscovery, UPnP Device Host and Themes) .
Now I don't know if the Change in my power management Settings is Causing the 3 Services Settings to Revert as well or Vice Versa, anyway it's very annoying, and no matter how many times I reset all the settings the way I want them they Change.
Note that I have Observed that this Problem also Happens to Windows 10 and All versions of Windows 7.
Also note that All my Versions are Clean, infact I have my Own Genuine Copy of Windows 7 Pro and it happens with this one as well.


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