SkyDrive mounted as a network drive works but "you need permission to perform this action"

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Roland Schweiger

Numerous times in the past it has been discussed how to mount SkyDrive as a
network drive.

The method that seems to work is to
"mount network drive" and then as a path type in


and then log in with the live id + password.

The cid number can be found by using a browser to log in with the live id,
the navigate to "sky drive" and copy the last part of the line in the URL
field of the browser.

This method works and e.g. i get a drive letter Z where i can see all my
But in 99,9% of the cases i can not copy any files to the sky drive as it
yields to
"you need permission to perform this action".
I can create new subfolders in the skydrive and i also can delete files.

Does anyone know what is wrong?


Roland Schweiger

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