Regaining your startup time.


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Jul 20, 2009
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You may have noticed that if you select a plain colour, and in some cases, picture as your background, that the
lapsed time between the "Welcome" screen and the dsktop increases. In th worst cases this can add on one minute.
I have found that this is because the Windows 7 default is not correctly addressed. But this is what I have found
works for me.
If you are selecting the picture from the windows offers, you will find them all in Windows - Web - Wallpaper.
Otherwise, select the one you want, from whatever source you personaly are using. You can touch it up, or whatever
you wish to do, with your favourite graphics program.
When you are ready, copy it and paste it into a temp folder. Rename it TranscodeWallpaper.jpg
Now go to Users - username - Appdata - roaming - Microsoft - Windows - Themes
Rename the file there as TrascodeWallpaper1 (or similar) .jpg. Copy you new chosen wallpaper to the folder. Log off
and on and you should find the delay has gone.
Windows is now seeing it as it's default path.

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