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  1. archp2008


    Feb 27, 2012
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    I am having trouble following this tutorial on burning bootable DVD's with Poweriso:

    Here is the tutorial:
    Run PowerISO.

    Click the "New" button on toolbar or choose the "File > New > Data CD / DVD Image" menu.

    Click on the "Add" button on toolbar to add files and folders. You can also directly drag files and folders from Windows Explorer to the PowerISO window.

    Choose the menu "Action > New Folder" to create a new folder.

    Choose the menu "Action > Change Label" to change the default label.

    Choose the menu "File > Properties" to set the iso file properties.

    Choose the menu "Action > Boot > Add Boot Information" to load a bootable image file.

    Click on the "Save" button on toolbar, or click on the "File > Save As..." menu.

    Save the bootable image file to ISO, BIN, or DAA format.

    Here are my questions:

    I downloaded a large iso file that should have been already bootable but it was not so I have already wasted one dvd by burning that iso to the disk. It won't work for installation because the load cd option in BIOS won't work.

    Specifically, when it says, "Click on the "Add" button on toolbar to add files and folders I added the image (iso) file. Is that correct?

    When it says, "Choose the menu "File > Properties" to set the iso file properties," The only option is IMAGE properties. I don't know what properties need to be set. Please advise.

    When it says, "Choose the menu "Action > Boot > Add Boot Information" to load a bootable image file." I'm not sure what other files besides the iso file that I have already added are needed and where to get them.

    Looking at the main column in Poweriso I now see the image file which I added and the new folder that I created earlier underneath the image file. Is that how it's supposed to look?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance. Are there other possible pitfalls?
    archp2008, Feb 27, 2012
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  2. archp2008

    TrainableMan ^ The World's First ^ Moderator

    May 10, 2010
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    PA, USA
    Are you absolutely sure the ISO is not bootable? Even if you create a bootable CD/DVD your DVD-Rom drive must be set up first in your computers boot sequence. Many computers have a method to set this on boot otherwise you would have to set the boot order in your computers BIOS.

    As for PowerISO, I have never used it, but what you have displayed above is to Create a New ISO image from files & folders on your computer. That is NOT to burn an existing ISO.

    The easiest way I know to burn an ISO image is with IMGBurn. You can find links to IMGBurn in our Freeware DB.
    TrainableMan, Feb 28, 2012
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  3. archp2008


    Feb 27, 2012
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    Thanks for the reply. No, I wasn't absolutely sure. When I compared the disk to another copy of the same disk that was bootable I observed that the folders and files were identical. I then looked at the recorded side of the disk noticed a single finger print near the center hole. I polished the disk with a soft cloth. Voila it now boots.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2012
    archp2008, Feb 28, 2012
  4. archp2008

    davehc VIP Member

    Jul 20, 2009
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    LOL. Wonder if you call that a hardware or software fault?
    davehc, Feb 28, 2012
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