PC and mobile bonding with Bluetooth.



I'm trying to bond Windows 7 with my newly acquired mobile phone with
Bluetooth. Initially my phone asked me for a password and during the setup
routine in Windows it supplied a number, which it told me to type into the
phone, which I did [I believe starting with something like 822] my phone now
sees the PC in its list and the PC sees the phone, however when I press
'bond' the phone asks me for a password, which if I ignore or press 'back'
shows a red circle with a cross in it, obviously because I didn't supply it
with one.

I've been into Windows to try and find the original number it gave, however
nothing I've read in the help menu mentions anything about finding it, it
also tells me that the original device [phone Doro 612] will most probably
be supplied with a password, but the only mention I can find about it in the
manual is - "1. Select from the list of devices and press Bond to connect.
2. When connecting to another Bluetooth device you need a shared password.
Enter the password and press OK." - I feel that if I could find the original
number/code that Windows supplied and entered that in to my phone, it might
do the trick, so can anyone please tell me where I can find it? TIA


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