No speakers or headphones are plugged in

Mar 1, 2014
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Hope this is the right place to post this.
Running dual boot Dell pc with Win7 and Vista. Same problem occurred on both O/S, so I am guessing it is hardware related. Just recently, the speaker icon in tray has a red x on it, and I no longer get nagged when I plug in headphones into audio jack. I have uninstalled drivers, reinstalled drivers both from Realtek as well as Dell , but no matter what, pc does not seem to know speakers are plugged in, or headphones. Ran the Dell diagnostic tool, and it says speakers not plugged in lol.

Plan on getting a pci sound card assuming the on-board sound is toast. Did an uninstall of realtek hd mgr in device mgr, and on reboot, let win update find the driver for it, did not help any.

Since this is the case with both Win7 as well as Vista, can I reasonably assume its not a software/driver issue?

thanks for looking.

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