Must have iPhone applications


Oct 17, 2008
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It looks like there are a few iPhone (and soon to be iPhone) owners out there, so I thought a thread on the top recommended applications would be useful :)

Would love to hear which applications other people recommend :cool:

I've only had mine for 24 hours, but I've had some experience with the iPod Touch - and the apps below are my personal top picks:

RDP - A way to connect to any Windows XP/Vista/2003 server using the RDP protocol (remote desktop). This is fantastic if you are a server admin or want to control your PC from your iPhone over GPRS/3G. There is a free version which I'm using at the moment, but you can buy a better version called WinAdmin if you have access to the US iTunes store. edit: I've now upgraded to Mochasoft RDP full version for a few quid, and it's worth it - you get macro shortcut keys plus better mouse abilities. It even works well over 3G, as I tried it out last night at the pub!

Facebook - A great little application that interacts with your facebook account, without needing to load the webpage via safari.

Google Earth - Not too practical considering that the maps application works well, but spinning and zooming on a 3D globe with photo-terrain is great fun!

iFooty - One for UK football fans, updating you on your team news, fixtures and live match text from the BBC.

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