intellipoint 8 - sidewinder X8 - windows 7 64 bit - slow interface

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Sebastian A. Potthoff


I have the following problem with my Windows 7 64 bit (ultimate)
I am using a sidewinder X8 mouse with the latest intellipoint drivers
Unfortunately, whenever I open the controlpanel (mouse), the UI is not
reponding but the mouse pointer indicates that it is busy for at least a
minute or two... in addition one it works, I can asign specific buttons, but
the mouse buttons do not work in game...

I have the same problem when I uninstall the intellipoint software and use
an earlier version.
The settings appear to be restored one I uninstall the software and
re-install... so I wonder if there is a way to delete all intellipoint
software information. Which might help...

Any idea what I can do?

Thanks in advance!

Sebastian A. Potthoff

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