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May 30, 2015
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A neighbour of mine has just bought a PC loaded with Win7 Professional 64 bit – I look after it for her and it up to date. She has an issue re importing photos from a camera SD card. When the card is inserted a window launches offering choices of 'opening' the card – she uses the Import Pictures and Videos option (she is a win7 past user – needed a new pc and this is her methodology of importing pictures from her camera). Having chosen this option a new windows launches (with an Import button) and when clicked you can see the files/photos being imported (the default location is My Pictures). When this process is completed the Import Pictures and Videos window is supposed to close and a My Pictures window opens showing the imported pictures. What happens on my neighbours machine is the Import Pictures and Videos window does not close down when the My Pictures window opens. You can close the My Pictures window but the Import Pictures and Videos window remains on the screen. There is no way you can close it other than goes into Task Manager and killing it. I have tried to simulate this on my pc but cannot – I have installed her install disk on a virtual machine on my PC but it works as it should do – i.e. the Import Pictures and Videos window does close after importing. I am not sure what to do – I have googled and there are instances of this but they seem to be 'years ago' – not on any recent builds. I'm guessing something need to be re-installed but not sure what. Any advice to correct this would be much appreciated.



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May 10, 2010
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Found this on the Microsoft forums, may be worth a shot:
KPM1962 said:
When "Import Picture" pops up, click on "Option". Disable "Open Windows after Import". That will fix the problem. It's a bug in the program.

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