Windows 7 ReadyBoost is a really easy way to speed up your system using a relatively cheap USB memory stick or memory card, as long as the removable media meets some speed requirements. Windows can then use this storage space to supplement the existing virtual memory, which is stored on slower hard drives. Although this is no substitute to adding additional RAM, it is a good way to make the most of existing hardware and gain a free speed boost.

To begin, obtain a USB 2.0 memory stick (or memory card) with plenty of free space. You'll need at least 256MB RAM free on the device, but more is better. Insert the removable media and click Speed up my system once the autorun window as appeared:


Now, select how you wish to use the device. You can either dedicate all available space to ReadyBoost or choose just to use a portion of it. Make your selection and then click OK:


ReadyBoost will then configure the cache and close the window. Your PC should now be a little faster at loading common applications! If you wish to stop using ReadyBoost, simply dismount the drive and remove the memory stick/card.

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Ian, Dec 9, 2009