How to Fix an External Drive that Became Unrecognized After a Windows Error-Checking Process?

Feb 17, 2024
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How can I recover data from an external drive that is not recognized by the computer after a failed error-checking process?

I have a 1TB WD Elements 25A2 USB Device that contains important files. I was playing some games from the drive when I encountered a "Cyclic redundancy error" for each game. I searched online and found out that this error indicates a problem with the drive. I decided to run the "check for problems on the device" feature from Windows Explorer to fix the issue. However, the process took too long and made my computer unresponsive. I could not cancel the process or access the Task Manager, so I had to force shutdown the computer by holding the power button.

When I restarted the computer, the drive did not show up on "My PC" and the disk management tool showed it as "Unknown", "Not initialized" and "Not attributed". I am worried that I have lost all my data on the drive. Is there any way to recover the data or make the drive work again?

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