House Party UK???

Feb 23, 2009
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Ok guys im slightly confused as to what this whole thing is. Apparently I have been selected as a Windows 7 launch party host?.
Now call me ill-prepared if you will but i am unsure to be honest what i have got myself into?
For the people who have also been chosen as a host - what does this envolve, but if anyone knows of any info that would be great :)

Anyway the main question is - Am i inviting total strangers into my home who are from the web, or do i have a choice not to show my info on the net, but still have a party with a few mates?
Or if i dont want to have a party at all will they still give me Windows 7?
I thought i read somewhere that they will give Windows 7 out for free for the hosts?

Im so confused - enlighten me peoples?



That Crazy Amazon Chick!
Jan 17, 2009
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From what I've read, the party can be as simple or as complex as you like, you can invite a few people or the whole neighborhood (ya right, lol). Since I live away from most of my friends and family, I am inviting for an "over the internet" party where we'll use IM's with cameras or Skype or Ventrilo (I haven't decided yet) and work it that way (since I have everyones address, I'll be mailing out the party goodies to thoes who want them)

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