Event Viewer useful custom views


Yousuf Khan

I've created a couple of really useful Event Viewer custom views that
others might also find useful. They are simply a couple of XML files
that get imported into Event Viewer. I've uploaded them to my Skydrive,
and you can download them and import them from there.

First view is called the "Reboot log". It simply filters through all
messages dealing with the shutdown and restart messages from Windows.
It's useful for simply knowing when your computer was restarted, because
sometimes there are so many other error messages in the event logs that
you can't even begin to figure out if computer rebooted or not.

The other view is called "Chkdsk log". It simply shows all of the Chkdsk
disk repair events. When a disk repair is scheduled on the system boot
drive, it requires a couple of reboots, the first to run the Chkdsk
program itself, and the next is when the chkdsk is finished. Disk repair
can take several hours on modern boot disks, since they are several
hundred Gigabytes, sometimes Terabytes. No one is going to seriously sit
there and watch it run from beginning to end. By the time, the Chkdsk is
finished it reboots the computer automatically, and you don't have time
to read any of the error messages it wrote on the screen beforehand.
These error messages are recorded to an Event log, which a lot of people
don't know about.

viewer custom view reboot log.xml?download&psid=1

https://e0ditq.bay.livefilestore.co...er custom view chkdsk log.xml?download&psid=1

After downloading, all you have to do is start Event Viewer, right-click
on Custom Views, and tell it to Import these files.

Yousuf Khan

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