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Nov 4, 2017
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I've failed to get any answer from Gmail/Google and another forum on this and as I am a Windows 7 user I thought I'd try here.
I use Google Chrome and by accident inherited an Gmail email tracker, name unknown. It worked OK for a time then disappeared just as i got used to it. I have had a dozen suggestions as to what it might be but none fits the bill, I have a Powerpoint view (or PDF) of the icons and the output which is attached
Thee were 2 'send' buttons, both blue like the normal Gmail button which was the 'send & track it' button plus another to its right which was the 'send and do not track' button. The output of 'send and track, was accesses via an icon picture of an envelope top right of the screen near all the others. The 'sent but unopened' emails were reported in white background as per the attachment.

The opened/unopened list for tracked emails appeared on the right side of the Gmail screen in clicking the 'envelope icon.
This function was very useful and if anyone can identify the product (it seemed free) I would be grateful. If it is possible for me to send the Powerpoint mock-up to an email address that would clinch it if someone had seen it as they would recognise it immediately.
Perhaps someone recognises it from this description..?? The ability to track or not track is very useful.




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