Bluetooth Inconsistency

Mar 22, 2013
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Hi, there are problems transferring files between my laptop and my phone. The symptoms I encountered are strange and I hope for a comprehensive explanation and solution to the problem

Computer Windows 7 64 Bit
Phone Android 4.0.3
Drivers are all up to date, using Windows Device Manager.
Both devices successfully paired.
Bluetooth is on.

I will describe the steps of my experience in sending and receiving below.

Sending file from computer to phone

Method 1
Right clicked "Bluetooth Devices" icon in system tray > Clicked on "Show Bluetooth Devices" > Right clicked on Bluetooth Device (my only Bluetooth Device) > Clicked "Control" > Clicked "Send files to phone" > Clicked "Browse Files..." > Chose my file > Clicked "Send" > Sending Dialog popped up > On my phone, was asked to authenticate, clicked yes > Sending complete.

In the above steps, sending is SUCCESSFUL.

Method 2
Right clicked on the exact same file I successfully sent above > Click "Send to > Bluetooth" > Bluetooth Send Wizard pops up > Clicked "Next" > Selected Bluetooth Device > Clicked "OK" > Displayed Error “Bluetooth device not found. Please verify that your Bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on”.

In these steps. sending is NOT successful. Please help me identify why.

Next, I will move on to sending file from computer to phone.

Method 1
Using the exact same file on phone, tapped "Send via Bluetooth" > On the phone displayed Bluetooth share: Sent 1 failed. On the computer nothing happened, no notifications at all.

In these steps, sending is NOT successful.

Method 2
Clicked Start button > Typed "fsquirt" in Run > Bluetooth File Transfer dialog popped up > Clicked "Receive files" > Displayed "Waiting for connection" > On phone, tapped the same "Send via Bluetooth" > Bluetooth File Transfer on computer shows sending progress > Sending complete.

In the above steps. sending is SUCCESSFUL.

Can someone explain to me the discrepancies in my experience in sending and receiving between the computer and phone? The 2 devices are obviously connected and sending is possible, so why does 1 method work while another does not? What happened?

I shall refer to the above sending and receiving methods as Sending 1, Sending 2, Receiving 1 and Receiving 2.

When 'Control' dialog box with the "Send files to phone" option is opened,
Sending 2 becomes SUCCESSFUL
Receiving 2 becomes NOT successful.

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