Anyone knowledgeable about cloning with Macrium v.7

May 18, 2013
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I have a 906GB HDD with 215GB used. I have purchased a Samsung 500GB SSD to clone the HDD partitions. After reading the v 7.2 manual cloning instructions some questions have me needing assistance.
1. I will cloning only three partitions totaling 215GB will it try to copy the entire 906GB causing issues? My current HDD has three partitions a Dell Utility 32 MB;
a Recovery NTFS Active 24.6 GB and the NTFS Primary 906GB - 215 used.
2. V 7.2 offers 5 cloning options - not sure which to select in my case:
Intelligent sector copy (copies only file system sectors/clusters that are in use.)
Verify File System (ensures that there are no file system errors transferred to the clone)
Rapid Delta Clone (copies only file system differences between the clone source and the target)
Enable SSD Trim (enables the clone target to optimize the disk and enhanced SSD performance
and longevity) -wondering if this would be necessary with a new SSD?
Forensic Sector Copy (copies every sector from the source to the target disk partition)
Would be grateful for any suggestions/advice.


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