100% disk activity, but very little disk transfer



But do you know how to use it to determine what svchost.exe is
hosting and what process in svchost.exe is sucking up the CPU?
Svchost.exe does nothing on its own. It only host processes.
So how do you determine that stuff?



Big Steel

So how do you determine that stuff?
You go to menu View. You select Show Lower Pane. You select Lower
Pane View. You select DLLs. After you have done that, then when you
left click on a running process in the upper pane, that will show you
everything a process is hosting. You can right click a line in the
lower pane and it will show where the DLL is located.

You can right click a process in the upper pane and go to Properties.
You will see several tabs and you can see other info. about the




I've often noticed that sometimes my boot hard disk goes crazy, disk
activity light flickers constantly, system becomes unresponsive, but ...

I'm talking about Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit in this case, but I've seen
similar things happen under Windows XP Pro 32-bit in the past too.
Another thing I noticed is that during this time, the System's own
SVCHOST.EXE program is using up a lot of memory too, over 300MB by itself!

What could be happening here?

It could be the HDD itself. At least that's my experience.

Try cloning your internal HDD to a different brand HDD.

And yes in my recent experience this type of thing *DOES*
sometimes make a BIG difference.


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