Tyan S4882 - Not CD/DVD booting?

May 24, 2009
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Hello again, my server system has a Tyan S4882 board. The board boots its installed Linux from SCSI RAID just fine (using a daughterboard), but I dislike the version of Linux that I have and wish to install Windows 7 x64 Ultimate instead. Only problem here is that it won't boot from a CD/DVD. So here is what happens:

I go into the BIOS menu, select CD-ROM drive in the boot menu and save the changes. The system reboots, I place the Win7 disk into the CD/DVD drive and nothing happens. The system continues to POST then launches Linux without even the DVD drive lighting up. I have tried multiple drives, all known to be good, and even tried multiple disks and cables. All of which are tested and I know them to be working. Any ideas?



Post Quinquagenarian
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Apr 7, 2010
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When you set the CD drive first in the boot order, note that does NOT mean you will automatically boot to a CD.

What happens is in the lower left corner of your monitor during the boot process, you should see a prompt to boot to the CD and you must press a key at that time to boot to the CD. If you don't press a key when prompted, the BIOS will skip the CD drive (even if a bootable disk is inserted) and move to the next drive in the boot order.

So, do you see the press any key prompt?