Sharing under Windows7 with other Windows members XP, Vista and 7

Sep 27, 2012
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I wanted to share complete disk (partitions) and folders under Win7 with others in my network.
I do not have a Windows Server and don't want to make use of any AD and domain.

I don't like and can use Homegroup. First because is Sucks and 2nd it does not work with XP and Vista.

So I disabled it and set Network Detection, File and Printer sharing on and disabled sharing with password security and don't let Windows manage the connection in Advanced Sharing setting.

Further I disabled the Homegroup settings in services.
Than I can share a folder in properties and ad the user everone and than share.
Now I can acces this folder. But whem I wanted to share multiple folders I like to share the complete drive but I still get an error on the other computer that I have not enough rights.

Does annyone know how to do this.

And than there are some folders that I like to share with an account.
So that I can say you have to acces it with a name en password.
So I make a user Dummy with password Dummy and almost non rights at the computer where I wanted to share the folder.
But this user is nog known at the other computer and I cannot connect.
Also the user on the other computer is not known at the computer where I like to share the folder.
This was much easier in Win98
Why cant MS build a FTP like feater in it like share to anny user who uses the given mame and password. This would be nice.

Thanks for your answer.


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May 10, 2010
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The reason things are more difficult is because of added security. The added security allows for some privacy even when multiple users share one computer and some control over outside access provided to the internet, other computers, and software.

If you don't want the extra security and abilities (good luck getting a terabit HD working with Win98) then install an older OS. If, on the other hand, you want to try and make W7 work then you have to be willing to satisfy the new security requirements.

Now, as for Homegroups, I have to agree it is a failure, not because it doesn't work but because they didn't release service packs to add it to XP and Vista and just assumed everyone would be W7. ie. No backwards compatibility = FAIL.

A person accessing your computer from another computer is anonymous and by default is NOT a member of everyone. See HERE

I believe what you need is to add "Anonymous Logon". See HERE and you may also need to check out the Bypass Traverse Checking link from that page as well.

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