Phantom 'Paper Jam Tray1' on Dell 5200N

Nov 4, 2017
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Windows 7, Gmail, Google environment.
I have a Dell 5200N which has printed beautifully for years and thousands upon thousands of documents with only the odd, rare jam. Over the past week or so it have been jamming on the first page selected about 50% of the time, I remove the jam (always front, tray 1 and, rarely, the duplex feed at the base) and try again. Over the last day it has been saying 'Paper jam.. etc' when it hasn't even picked up a piece of paper - I know as I marked the top one with a X. I've ev
en looked at the back where a jam can occur.
I am sure it is something simple but hanged if I can find out what. I've tried different paper form supermarket stuff to quite expensive paper so I think we can eliminate that. I suspect either a small piece of paper is snagging somewhere or the paper pickup mechanism. May be a clue in the fact the when it jams on its way though, it is sometimes snagged, torn, in the LHS of the transport immediately below the cartridge and not just as it leaves the tray, the other real jam.
Cleaning rollers has been suggested but I can only see one, which is just below the toner cartridge (when removed it can be see). Is there another pickup roller elsewhere in the printer?

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