Nikon s7000 camara driver

Jun 6, 2024
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Hello all,
My desktop is a Windows 7 home premium 64b SP1, with Intel Core i5-2320 cpu
I connect the above camara via a USB cable. home>devices&printers> shows the camara as present but explorer does not see the device.
home>controlPanel>DeviceManager> lists the S700 as present under Portable devices but double clicking on it brings up an error message "Windows cannot initialize ......etc
clicking >driver>uninstall>OK>action>scan for changes...... runs an automatic search online which installs a different driver and automatically, in seconds, completly solves the problem. The camara memory becomes an external drive ! BUT only until the next power down.
So the question is "how can I get the computer to remember the right driver ?"
can anyone help , Mike