Jun 13, 2011
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if your recieving this mysterious icon on your desktop, you have had a hacker trying to hack your computer. there is a black market that sells black hole root kits to hackers and theyre trying to hack computers through java and adobe.
if your also getting this icon from certain online game sites, other people playing same game are using cheat programs that play the game for them. their cheat programs comes with a hackers third party tracking cookie.
i play online games at club pogo, i play their pogo bowl, and idiots uses cheat programs to bowl 300 games. i get the mysterious icon quite a bit, and got told its a bug, i need to uninstall java, reinstall go in control panel disable the debugging. i asked how many times do i have to uninstall java. the debugging is never enable to debug either.
i submitted a sample to webroot security and their techs confirm its caused from hackers.
several people on club pogo still using XP has had their computers hacked.


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