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May 12, 2013
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On my Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 laptops many but not all of my folders are empty and all subfolders are empty with all files missing. While I’m not absolutely certain, I think the empty phenomenon begins with the 1st folder on the hard drive and not beginning down stream in a subfolder.

Over the years going back into the late 1990s I’ve backed up my documents to various USB devices and they may or may not have gone through my next computer every year or 2.

Now, particularly on my current various USB devices, but also more recently on the secondary internal hard drives on both the Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptop there are empty folders. That is to say, all folders (many of you which are folders within folders within folders within folders etc.) are probably present but many are completely empty. I cannot say whether or not this includes files created on my current computers. Many of these files were Microsoft Office documents but whatever I put into My Documents folder or other data files is also missing. I have no reason to believe that there are partially empty folders, it appears to be an all or non-phenomenon.

This occurs despite re-installing increasingly older Windows 7 images as well as after a recent complete DVD Windows 7 installation performed, hoping this would correct my problem. Also the Windows 8.1 computer has had increasingly earlier multiple True Image restores and at least 2 probably 3 fresh installations of Windows 8.1.

Interestingly at least one of the properties dialogs indicates 52 GB of data in a folder yet all sub-folders are empty.

Recuva freeware did not help.

I will greatly appreciate advice.

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