windows 7 missing bootmgr

Nov 26, 2010
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Good Day to all,

First of all thanks in advance for assistance with this issue :eek:

I just recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a new hdd via a PCI sata controller card. I have the drivers set up properly and am able to run Windows correctly now.

During the partitioning / formatting of my drives (3 total), I accidently set one of the drives as "Active" and then I set the "C" drive as active to try and correct my issue :eek:

I just recently rebooted my system an was presented with "missing bootmgr" so I grabbed my windows 7 DVD and my cd that contained my drivers for my pci sata card. I managed to fix the error and am now successfully back into Windows 7

However my question is the following: before my mistake of setting the wrong drive as active during the partitioning / formatting process the "special drive" made by the installer - the one that is 100 megs, was not visible. After booting from the DVD and fixing the error and back into windows, the drive shows up in my computer, however there is no data on the drive.

Can I delete this partition or recreate and hide it as it was during the original install? if so can anyone assist me in doing so?

Thanks again for assistance.


Quick Scotty, beam me up!
Oct 27, 2009
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Hi Master2k - Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums website!

It DOES contain info, so don't delete it. It contains your boot information, it probably has about 28MB of data or so.

Windows 7 natively hides it from view except in the Disk Management area of the the Control Panel under System Administration.

Here's how to hide a drive using Group Policy Editor:

  • Click Start, type gpedit.msc to search field, press enter
  • Find and open User Configuration > Administrative Templates> Windows Components > WindowsExplorer
  • Double click Hide these specified drives in My Computer

  • Choose Enabled
  • Pick the option you want

Click OK and you're done.

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