windows 7 hangs on startup windows splash up screen for more than 30 mins

May 27, 2014
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Hp pavillion dm4

i5 processor

3 gb ram

500 gb hdd

windows home premium 64 bit version

microsoft secuirty essential for antivirus security

laptop hangs while it enter windows splash screen everytime


Since i computer was very slow so i changed the selective startup to normal startup using msconfig. (got msconfig information through internet for '''slower laptop to fast performance''')


after continues times reboot it shows blue screen window with error message


after repeated trials it opened 2 times and i tried to change the normal startup to selective but it was already in selective mode.

problem1 : it hanged every now and then in logon to windows explorer.


but managed to uninstall the big size programs, update, disk cleanup but useless


(step1. i updated the windows for any security issues)

(step2 . i uninstalled the programs bigger sizes but in that a program was unable to uninstall)

step 3. i removed the temp memory, (temp, %temp%, prefetch, recent) but in vain

Again when it restarted it hanged in windows splash up screen

I got this problem for 2 days (no login , hang in boot window splash upscreen for more than 30 minutes)

i tried through safe mode but it ended up in windows splash screen (hangs) for more 20 mins... no response


when i tried to change the startup setting through msconfig from''''selective startup '''' to '''' normal startup''''' asked to restart the laptop and save setting.

.... i pressed ok.

... after then i had problem of booting at windows startup splash screen (from 26 may 2014 onwards had this problem)


how rescue my laptop i had important software and driver which i now dont have inside and it is dual operating system . i had linux working condition.


i want to find a solution to not login winlows 7 os


Mar 1, 2012
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Sorry for the slow responce.

I would suggest that you start by downloading and running Windows Defender Offline. It will create a CD / DVD / USB and will boot and scan your hard drive offline.


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May 10, 2010
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I moved your post to its' own thread. Then I noticed you had even more. Please do not post the same question in multiple threads.

Go into Safe Mode (F8 on bootup) and run System Restore. Restore your computer to a Restore Point prior to your changes.
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