Which online scanner would you use?

Mar 8, 2009
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I have used
  1. BitDefender Online Scanner - Scanner and Remover
  2. Kaspersky Online Scanner - Scanner only
on two different machine's
  1. Windows XP with IE6 (PS not my computer or it would have IE8)
  2. Windows 7 with IE8
  1. "Trend Micro Housecall 6.5" on both machines. However I get a Java error. After which going to the Java site and installing. Then after restarting IE I still receive this error.
  2. "Trend Micro Housecall 7.0 Beta" ran fine on my Windows 7 with IE8. However there was no options at all. I am almost certain it only scanned my primary drive.



OCing one chip at a time
May 11, 2009
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From my experience Trend Micro's Housecall program often has problems if you select the JAVA based scanner. If you use IE and select the ActiveX plugin scanner instead of the JAVA-based scanner it tends to usually work.

It might surprise people but almost every major anti-virus vender offers online scanning, Symantec included. The trick is finding one that will remove any viruses that they detect as most don't. Also not all will scan for spyware or maleware either.

All of that said I don't use online scanners that often anymore, so I won't list any that I've used since I'm sure there are better ones out there. I believe Thrax mentioned he uses one, I'm sure he'll post here once he spots the thread.

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