USB external harddrive problem

Mar 13, 2012
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I quoted this from another user and never found a solution....please help.


I am also new, so lets see how this works: - My problem seems related:

Connected IOHD 500MB to HP Pavilion dv3 under win 7 64 bit - drivers installed ok - drive was visible for an instant - then a crash (unexpected system shutdown) - since then: I can not access the drive (drive is ok and runs perfectly on other win 7 64 bit system) - it is not listed at drives C: D: etc - however: computer recognizes HD as external USB Drive - in Geräte und Drucker (devices and printers) and in the Geräte-manager (device manager) - drivers seem to be fine - in computermanagement>discmanagement I also see the drive and it is online
but can not assign a Letter to the drive (which has solved a problem in one of the posts above) but get error > the disc management snap in is not up to date (aktuell) and I should refresh it or restart discmanagement/computer > however this all does not help and I can not assign a Letter for the drive - I'd be glad if you'd have any more suggestions - thanks


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