Sony Vaio and USB Sticks


Dapper Dave

I did a clean install of Win 7 on this laptop. I now have
everything working except my USB stick, which works under Vista.

It's a 16 GB stick.

It does not show up as a drive in Windows Explorer.

In the Device Manager, it shows up as a USB Mass Storage Device
that is "working properly".

If I look at the Properties on another drive and go to the
Hardware sheet, I can see it among the drives as "Corsair UFD USB
Device". If I select look at the Properties of it there and
select the Volumes sheet and click "Populate", it will show it as
a removable drive with 15360 MB.

In the Disk Management console, it shows up as a 15.00 GB
removable disk. If I try to format it there or look at its
properties, I get an error message that "the Disk Management
console view is not up-to-date".

Fortunately, my USB external hard drives work fine.




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