Problem with installing windows 7

Dec 28, 2009
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I have owned a legal(licensed) product key,which is Windows7 Professional 32bit(x86)
,but don't have the Windows installation DVD or etc.

Therefore,I have download. download link:

And I think I might successfully boot it on my USB drive.
1)The downloaded content have been extracted and put on my Hard Drive D:
2)Open CMD and type~ diskpart->list disk->select disk 1(pendrive)->clean->create partition primary->select partition 1->active->format fs=ntfs->assign->exit
3)Open CMD and type~ D:(location i put my downloaded contents)->cd boot->bootsect.exe /nt60 i(pendrive)
4)i had set my bootable devices order as my pendrive be the 1st.

When installing the window(by using USB drive),there have a problem.
The 1st step,copying window files(if not mistaken),directly from 0% jump to 100% and proceed to 2nd step,expanding window files.when run till 6%,pop out an error message.

Error Message:
"Windows cannot install required fles.The file may be corrupt or missing.Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.Error code:0x80070570 "

Is that the problem of:
1)my way of creating bootable USB Flask Disk(4GB Pen Drive) or
2)the contents of my downloaded Window ?

If yes,please lead me to the correct way,thanks you much ^.^
Really need it much,spend a whole week still haven't get the solution...


Dec 1, 2009
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Hi Owendar and welcome,

Creating a bootable flash copy of any OS is a tricky job. I assume you don't have a DVD burner? Are you on a netbook?

Here is a useful guide that may help you perfect the process just incase you inadvertently missed a part of the process like admin rights at the beginning or something else easily overlooked.

If you did indeed format and install the OS files on your Flash drive correctly I would suggest downloading the OS again as it is most likely corrupt.



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Nov 13, 2009
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Ovendar, Welcome to the forums! Anytime you need help, there's usually someone here, as we are from all over the world (a lot of it, anyway). The link you downloaded from is good, I'll vouch for that. Those flash drives can be a little tricky to do a OS install with, so I'll leave that to the pros above this post. I just use mine for photo storage and I have another for email storage. Anyway, just wanted to welcome you and I hope that you're up and running with Windows 7 soon. You'll most likely enjoy it as most of us here do.

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