Live Mail messes up after restore from Win 10

Jan 3, 2016
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WLM is the worst supported and worst documented piece of software I've ever met.
If you roll back from Win 10 to Win 7 you my well loose all your emails and user accounts.
You can get them back.
First, using Explorer, navigate to the live mail directory and look in all the folders there to try to find all your old emails.
If you have sub-directories in, eg, inbox, make sure they contain files.
Copy and paste folders containing emails - inbox, sent items etc. somewhere you can find them.
Do a 'repair' of Windows essentials',
If you've lost your email account set it up again.
Close WLM
Look in the live mail directory and identify the most recent account (which will be your ISP followed by an identifier - eg Orange(Fred 123).
In there will be all the email folders containing nothing.
Try copying a single email from your saved inbox to inbox and open WLM.
You should now see that email in inbox.
You can cut and paste all your emails into this new folder.
If you've got sub-directories in inbox (eg MotherinLaw)or whatever paste the sub-directory into eg inbox and open WLM.
MotherinLaw will appear in Inbox.

If you close WLM and look in Inbox you'll see you've got a new folder called MotherinLaw(1) and your copied MotherinLaw folder is empty - you can delete this.

Hope this helps - took me a day's work to find out how it works.
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