how to install jsp servlet on windows7 64 bit

Jul 31, 2012
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hi everyone,
i am using windows 7 home premium 64bit system. i want to work with jsp servlet using netbeans on my system.
i downloaded jsdk from the oracle website.
i tried all the versions with they given in the site such as jdsk for 32 bit, 64bit,x64,windows ML.

the link which i downloaded the things is ""

nothing works on my system.
i encountered the problem during installation. i could not install in proper way.
whether win7 home premium supports for those format sdk.
moreover i want to install php, netbeans, oracle database, SQL server, Mysql, javaEE on my system.
Could you please tell me exact link to download these? and how to install them on my system in a proper way?
I urgently need to work on these platforms. also want to install IIS on my system. tell me exactly how to set path for those things.
Thanks in advance,

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