Help! New BSODs!

Sep 19, 2010
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As per my previous thread here, I addressed my BSOD problem back then by removing some drivers that TorrentG suggested that I remove and manually adjusting my RAM voltage in the BIOS settings. I have enjoyed almost two months of BSOD-free computing with my PC until recently I got them again. Now with some games (like World of Warcraft), I'm experiencing the occasional BSOD-after-exit thingy. So

-The BSODs started around two weeks ago when I installed Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. There are times (not always) that I'd get a BSOD after exiting the game.
-The most significant changes that I have made were installing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and The Sims 3.
--I recently did a reformat but I tried to make everything 'clean' as I installed the drivers and stuff. Went ahead and viewed my previous thread here following TorrentG's suggestions when I was setting up Windows 7 and the drivers. The reformat happened for quite sometime before I installed the two games mentioned and during that time, all I was playing were Starcraft 2, Mass Effect and COD Black Ops and I haven't had any problem with those games nor did I encounter a BSOD during that period.
-I started using my 9-year old Microsoft Sidewinder Plug & Play gamepad to play Hot Pursuit with.
For some reason, the gamepad is actually my prime suspect for the BSODs though I'm not sure how.





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Aug 9, 2009
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Hi Shadowalk,

unfortunately these dumps seem to be pointing to a memory problem. Try testing each stick individually using the app found here:

Please remember to test one stick at a time.

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