Blocking incoming network connections in Windows 7.

Discussion in 'alt.windows7.general' started by Peter Jason, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Peter Jason

    Peter Jason Guest

    When I had WindowsXP, I would go to its "Security Centre" and then to
    the "Windows Firewall" then to the tab "Exceptions" and then to the
    "Add Program" button, and then add the program to lock out from the

    Where can I do this in Windows 7?

    Peter Jason, Feb 24, 2011
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  2. Same.

    Except that there's an Advanced button eventually rather than an
    Exceptions tab.
    Gene E. Bloch, Feb 24, 2011
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  3. Peter Jason

    Peter Jason Guest

    Thanks, I figured it out eventually, but it's all much more
    complicated than XP.
    Peter Jason, Feb 25, 2011
  4. I can't agree with you.
    Gene E. Bloch, Feb 26, 2011
  5. Peter Jason

    Ken Blake Guest

    I don't agree with your last phrase at all. Rather, because it's
    somewhat different, it takes some time to get used to.

    It took me a little time, but now that I'm used to Windows 7, whenever
    I use an XP machine (which is very seldom these days) it seems
    unfamiliar and strange.
    Ken Blake, Feb 26, 2011
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