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  1. Jules59

    Install from a backup

    Sorry if this is a really basic question but Ive just spent two evenings reinstalling Win7 64bit, MS Office & other software, resetting all my preferences and installing my drivers for the perpherals etc etc Its running nice again. So I want to be able to copy the SSD C;\ drive contents...
  2. Jules59

    PC requires 2 attempts to start.

    My PC is running fine, but requires 2 attempts to start; I switch on - I get a single POST bleep - then it powers off before anything appears on the screen - wait a few seconds - then it restarts by itself - single POST bleep - continues to boot up with BIOS logo on screen and then loads Win 7...
  3. Jules59

    SOLVED Epson Perfection 1670 photo scanner

    I have a perfectly good Epson Perfection 1670 photo scanner but cannot get it to work on W7 64bit as I cannot find a driver. Can anyone help please. Ive tried to use the suggested driver (on this forum) for the Epson Perfection 1650 photo scanner but cannot get it to work. Can anyone help...
  4. Jules59

    Encryption software

    Anyone recommend a cheap/free simple encryption program that I can use to encrypt a single file or folders with sub-folders. I had previously used Coder - it is years old but did the job i required but it wont work with Win 7 - Im not surprised, but need a replacement.
  5. Jules59

    Advice on partitioning HDD please

    Hi Everyone. This look sa really busy forum - great. This week Im going to build my new PC and install Win7 64bit onto a new 500GB HDD. Ive built several PCs over the years - my first 386 in 1991 - but havent done it again since building my Barton Athlon. Its past its best and so im needing to...