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    Installing Bluetooth dongle and H700 Motorola headset

    Hello I have installed Win 7 64 Pro. I'm trying to re-install my Bluetooth dongle and pair it with my Motorola H700 headset. No succes yet. Any idea where i could found a generic driver? or how if possible to work arround the problem Many thanks Martin
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    Windows 7 & Internet 8 & Yahoo mail security

    Hello I had to reconfigure my Yahoo mail du to a virus. Now, i can access my mail, but not my options pages. Also, i need to re-enter my user name and password every 30 minutes I tested all my yahoo mail options using it with another PC under XP, no problem at all. So the problem...
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    Office Outlook With Internet Explorer toolbar

    Hello My Office Outlook link as been modified. When i select the icone on my toolbar, It said: English translation from French Impossible to the operation because default mailing sytem as not being installed. How do i re-installed it?. My email, etheir Yahoo mail or Outlook, mail adress...
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    Reading a file on a network

    Hello I got two computers, One in XP the other one is using Win 7. I tried without success to create a network between them. I need to read a file situated in my laptop (XP) from my PC (Win7). Any hint on how i could create a network link? Martin
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    Installing Scanner CanonScan Lide 20

    Hello I upgraded my system from XP pro to Win7 64 Pro. My scanner is still resisting to is installation. Did not succeed yet I downloaded the Win7 driver from Canon site, but drivers is not installing. No message, no result, nothing Any help appreciated Martin
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    Cleartype and Text capture software

    Hello I got a strange problemwhen using a text capture software in certain application when cleartype is enable. I'm using Textsnap from Hypertronic to grab text inside graphic. Everything work fine, exept when i enable the cleartype option. Textsnap, text capture software, does not...
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    Poor character definition

    Hello I experience poor character lisibility since i installed Win7. Here is a snapshot of an Excel sheet section. Somje parts of some characters are not well defined. I have the same problem in some Windows web page. I can't use the clear type option because it cause problem with a...
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    Windows.Old How to get them back?

    Hello again Du to a hard disk problem i had to re-installed Win 7. Luckely this new OS saved files on the disk in a new directory files \Windows.old.:) My question is: How do i replace them under their appropriate sub-directory?. I was able to drag some files, but the one that was...
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    Loading drive C: is corrupt

    Good day My C: drive seem's corrupt. Can't boot my win7, neither in safe mode. Did try to repair my version 64 with the installation disk, no luck, same problem. How can i do a repair disk on the drive like chkdsk on it. Is there a tool in the installation disk? Martin
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    How to move User profile directory c:\User\Profile

    Good day I tried to move to C:\Users\Profiles directory from drive C: to D: Was not able because will i want to move this directory, i have to have it opened under my user name or another one. I want to leave the C: drive to Windows only. All other files to be put on D: Maybe a dummy...
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    Slow system, any suggestion on how to test it?

    Good day For the moment, my system is slower than what it was using Win XP. I did a clean install of Win 7 , increased ram to 6 gigs. 5 seconds to save an Excel worksheet 6 seconds to openup an Internet web page Processor: Q 6600 Ram 6 gig Board Asus P5B New hard drive...
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    Excel slower than with XP

    Good day I installed Win 7 yesterday. I got a nice worksheet and a lot of macros. I found that my Excel sheet is much slower thant what i was experimenting when i was using Win XP. Exemple: when adding space to a textbox, i could see my page refreshing, blinking Same machine, same Excel...
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    Outlook Express

    Good day to all Question: Is Outlook Express still available with Win 7?. I don't found it Martin