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    so confused by a friend.. router, usb adaptor

    Hey guys, im looking for an something that let me connect to my internet network at home. I am really confused.... to confirm (tell me if i am rgiht correct me if im wrong) A router is something that can setup an internet connection, network AND can connect to a network A USB adapter is...
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    not sure if it goes here: desktop overheading

    Hi, my desktop is overheating, my quad core is going up to 70 sometimes and i have to shutdown (Pc probe), is there an fan control program or an techniques to keep my desktop cool? i know about keeping the fan and opening case but is there any other ideas or solutions?
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    SOLVED is there any FREE, NOT TRIAL .iso editor

    is there any FREE, NOT TRIAL .iso editor that allows the user to edit the contents of an .sio file?
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    SOLVED Upgrade to Windows 7 without activating Vista

    hi, I just bought windows 7 upgrade home premium. currently my home preimum machine has a lot of junk and i am wondering if i wipe everything and reinstall vista again BUT not activate it (you know "you have 30 days to activate) and upgrade windows 7 and activate the windows 7 verison...... Hope...
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    Several Sites/ Programs that can check your firewall/ vunerabilities

    EXPLOIT/FIREWALL/BROWSER/TORJAN TEST ^good site i recommend this over anything else FIREWALL: <- saw this somehwere before in forums FIREWALL (port scanner) FIREWALL...