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    PCI-E Version 3 Released!

    I knew it was a good idea to stick to my 5770. Perhaps I may look into the some of the upcoming Radeon HD 7xxx series cards in the coming months.
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    Building a New Media PC

    Good build. I think it's even more than fine for your needs. You can even get away with some high-quality gaming with that.
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    AMD PHENOM II X6 2.8GHz 60+°C

    I have the Coolermaster V8 and I the temps never went past 36-37 degrees C during past summer (considering that I live in a tropical country). There are a lot of other good CPU coolers out there such as the Coolermaster V6GT and the Thermaltake Frio. I use HWMonitor to monitor my temps. I can...
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    AMD PHENOM II X6 2.8GHz 60+°C

    In my experience, the stock coolers that come with the Phenom II CPUs sucks goat balls. I was experiencing unusually high temperatures myself even on idle (at least with my 965BE). This opted me to purchase and install an aftermarket CPU cooler and everything was fantastic after that. If you're...
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    Get MSE. It's free and it's good.
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    I highly doubt 'downgrading' or messing around with your OS is the best solution for your problems.
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    Gaming better on Window 7 or Window vista?

    Anything is better than Vista.:lol:
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    SOLVED CPU not works

    Hey man, can you elaborate on that? How exactly is your CPU 'not working'?
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    SOLVED WindowsGeek's brave quest for Radeon HD 6990

    Sweet lord that 6990 is a monster of a video card. :cool: I'd love to experience those lovely framerates but my pockets aren't that deep right now.:o I'm personally still debating in my mind if I should get a 6870 (hopefully prices are lower then) in the coming months with games like...
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    PC doesn't run in Bios

    Hmm. Could be a blacked out motherboard. At any rate, since it is a brand new PC, maybe you could still have it RMA'ed if it is still under warranty. You might be able to fix your problem sooner or later but I think it's best to take advantage of the warranty and have it replaced right away.
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    PC doesn't run in Bios

    Check the CMOS battery.
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    MYST, Riven, Exile, etc?

    I have Myst 3 shelved up here somewhere. I remember playing it on my laptop (a Lenovo with a 1.8GHz Celeron, 1 GB RAM DDR2 and Windows XP) while lying down on my bed and I'd play until I doze off. :D
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    BSOD on SC2

    It's possible albeit very rare.
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    BSOD on SC2

    If he is overclocking, Cool N' Quiet should actually be turned off as he will need higher voltage. If anything, leaving Cool N' Quiet on may actually destabilize a system as it controls CPU voltage. I personally keep it off even if my processor is on stock speed though various people have been...
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    How many countries have you visited?

    The Philippines, the United States...and just last week, Singapore. Singapore actually looks like a nice place to live in. Very clean, very orderly and it's the mind-your-own-business capital of Southeast Asia. Once I graduate, I'm gonna be thinking about moving there.:beer:
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    SOLVED Upgrade CPU vs upgrade MOBO+CPU++++

    I would suggest upgrading to an AM3 motherboard and an appropriate Athlon X4 or maybe even an entry level Phenom II processor. Your stated needs do not require a quad core CPU (a current-gen Athlon or a Phenom II dual core maybe even more than enough) and your 4 GB DDR2 should be more than...
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    What's your phone?

    This. I'm not at all attracted to the whole iPhone/Blackberry craze. I don't find their applications interesting and I certainly don't like the fact that I will be that 'connected' via the use of their respective social networking applications (even my Facebook account is almost a bit too...
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    SOLVED Don't Buy Cheap Mice!

    I'm actually thinking of investing in a good, wireless mouse myself and I'm gonna try not to hold back on the budget so yeah I may go for an enthusiast gaming mouse as well. Anybody know of a good, wireless gaming mouse like the ones made by Razer?
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    System_Service_exception BSOD HELP!!

    If I may suggest, you could try using another set of RAM modules to see if that's really the problem. Over here, the local computer shop has a service center where you bring your PC to them and they run computer diagnostics for you for free (as long as the remedy is not a replacement/additional...
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    System_Service_exception BSOD HELP!!

    Your motherboard's default settings for your RAM voltage may be wrong. This can happen, it happened to me and I was experiencing BSODs like crazy when I first bought this computer. My remedy was that I had to enter the BIOS settings and I manually set my RAM voltage settings to 1.59v (the...