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    SOLVED Windows Defender Offline on a USB

    Just heads up for next time. In my BIOS, I have to go one step further, to the hard drive section (just below boot order section) and select the USB stick as the first drive. Don't know why but that does it for me.
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    Merry Christmas

    HoHoHo Peace to everyone!:D
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    gradually a dead town?

    Hey clifford, @ davehc: Just the way MS and Apple want it to be, a dumb-ed down tablet society.o_O
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    Motherboard ?

    Just my 2 cents. Stay away from ECS. Asus and MSI are good. . Asrock boards have come a long way and may save you a few sheckles. Maybe look into Gigabyte and EVGA.
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    How To Shift Corrupt Windows XP Backup File In Windows 7?

    Are you saying you lost the file or you have the file but can't run it? If you have the file, the only thing I can think of is to run XP mode in Windows Virtual Machine but you have to have W7 pro or ultimate to do this. Also your processor needs to be able to support doing it.
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    New hard drive, no disk, no product code !

    Good points david and TM. I would hope MS would forgive a failed or damaged hdd and issue a new key. It's not the system board being replaced. Which brings up the point that Peter is assuming it's the hard drive from the symptoms but the damage may go beyond that. Good luck Peter and keep us...
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    New hard drive, no disk, no product code !

    I have had success with Magical Jellybean.,0301-49769.html This link is the least offensive I could find as far as additional toolbars bundled in with the download so beware of and un-check anything you do not want to install...
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    SOLVED Need help solving desktop computer glitches, errors and device drivers

    Thud's can't be good! Disconnect all drives except OS drive and reboot. Reconnect one at a time rebooting each time until you recreate the thuds. At the same time you will be checking all your connections.
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    SOLVED Installed Win8, can I use my old Win7 on another pc?

    If they are not OEM and are retail "Full version" as you say, then you certainly can reuse them.
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    Hi Magoo, If you're not seeing the folder option under the "New" sub-menu then somthing must be broken. This option has always been in every windows version that I've used. Linux also. Try System File Checker, sfc /scannow. Click start and type cmd. Under programs, cmd.exe should be there...
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    SOLVED How to enable SLI

    Huh? Spook, a search @ Nvidia for your cards suggests the 320.49WHQL drivers if your running w7 64bit. The latest drivers seem to be w8.1 specific. Well maybe not specific but.... Good luck.
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    Old but New

    Welcome to the forum. If your new to w7 OS and need some answers, just ask away.
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    Install from a backup

    I use Todo Back-up free. Others I know like Macrium Reflect free. I did not like The back-up utility that came with 7. Todo and Macrium allow you to create an image of partitions or entire disks in a compressed way that helps save disk space. Your 60GB drive may finish at 30GB depending on...
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    Customer service

    Great job TM. I've enjoyed reading your stuff for quite a while now.
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    WIN7 Installed on 32Gb SSD - Free space oddly squizzed to 200Mb left

    I find the easiest way to delete old system restore files is in ccleaner>tools>system restore. They list the dates and why they were created. You can delete all but the most recent. Another thing is the page file allocation. How much ram does your laptop have?