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    Games not running on full screen.

    You should be able to set a setting to do so, Nvidia gives you the chance to use it's scaling system or the monitors. But you should run the game in widescreen (Im assuming your having this problem because you have a widescreen computer/laptop but are trying to play games on standard...
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    program running in diffrent resolution

    Just right click the file, properties, click compatibility and then advanced i think it was and then check run as administrator. This is IF your account is an administrative account. I would run you through it but I am at work and on a iMac!!! =)
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    Windows 8 won't support 32bit

    I think most processors past the 2005 mark are 64 bit able. if not I stand corrected. But you don't fix what works! Until it breaks that is, or proves to be a dominate victor in a blood cage match.
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    Windows 8 Milestone 1

    For one the spelling an grammar on the wallpaper is a bit wrong. Windows Professional Editions (The s? what is the use of that? do we have more than 1 edition!!?!?!!) And your friend would have been found by MS's hidden army of 007's for breaking NDA's and contracts and leaking vital and...
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    cpu cooling

    I have a Thermaltake SpinQ on my Q6600 that used to run at a blistering 50c on medium load (Don't panic the rated thermal output rating for warning is about 70c!!) but with the fan on about medium and my new case thermaltake 900 my cpu sits at 30c max on full load.
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    Problems using Ventrilo after upgrade to Win7.

    Hmm The setup options usually fixed my issue when that popped up. Set your input and output mixers correctly if not search on the developers website of your sound card for updated drivers.
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    icons all messed up

    Hmm, back during the Windows XP days they had the UITweak utility that fixed that. You have to refresh something to fix it, I'll look into it and let you know if I find anything.
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    New build # 12 for w7 need help

    Well, first and foremost you have to ask your self, "What am I going to use this PC for?" Gaming? Leisure? Advanced computing (CAD, 3d software, development etc)? My Current build is as follows:' Q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz (stock) OCZ Gold DC 2 GB DDR2-800 Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L rev.2 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB...
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    12 GB Ram and 6 Core

    With that much computing power what will we ever do? Figure out the entire number sequence for Pi? What happened to the Processor they were creating that dedicated a core to computing graphics?
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    Reasons why 128bit might flop

    Well this would be my first post. Howdy all. (No I am not from the country.) You have to keep in mind that developers and companies have guys they pay thousands and thousands of dollars to for marketing, development, market research, etc etc. If a 128-bit architecture was developed and released...