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    Extra Google Chrome Icon On My Computer

    Somehow, there is an extra Google Chrome icon on my computer that looks like this: Whenever I use Google Chrome now, it always redirects to that instead of the usual Chrome logo. Is there a way to get rid of the extra icon and have it redirect to the regular Chrome logo instead?
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    Accidentally Messed With Taskbar Settings

    I accidentally messed with some taskbar settings which made my video library and everything else go large and now there is no way that I can go and change it back to the way it was before I messed it up. This is what my videos library looks like now: How do I make it go back to normal?
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    Videos Changing Thumbnails

    When I rebooted my computer this morning, I went right to my Videos library and I noticed that some of my videos changed thumbnails. Is it normal for thumbnails for the videos that I saved to change?
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    New To Outook 2010

    I just got Microsoft Office 2010 a couple of months ago and I have no idea how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2010. What does it mean by typing the password your Internet service has given me? I forgot the password that my Internet service provider has given me.
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    Cannot Listen To TuneIn Radio On My Computer

    So, I am trying to listen to TuneIn Radio on my computer. However, I can't because I am getting a message saying Not available in your location. I can't even listen to local radio stations because I am getting the same thing as well. It was working great yesterday and last week and now it is...
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    Can No Longer Install And Update Apps

    Not too long ago, I tried to download an app. However, the app wouldn't install. It seems that I can now no longer download apps for my iPod Touch.
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    No Sound On TuneIn Radio Station

    I am trying to listen to a TuneIn Radio station on my iPod Touch and I am getting no sound. I have tried the radio station's player and I am getting no sound on that as well.
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    Cannot Save Due To Insufficient Permissions

    I am trying to download something to my computer. However, it will not download. I have tried every browser and it will still not download. Instead, I am getting this: Cannot save due to insufficient permissions. Please save to another location. I tried doing that. It didn't work. I am...
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    Is there an option on here where you can put whether you are a Male, Female, or Unspecified?
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    Cannot Download Video Converter

    I checked. It did store the file to my downloads directory.
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    I'm New!

    Thank you.
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    Cannot Download Video Converter

    I am trying to download YTD Video Converter. However, I cannot download it because I get this instead. You don't have permission to modify files in this network location. Contact the administrator per permission to make these changes.
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    I'm New!

    Hello! My name is WhoseLineFan. I like reading, listening to music, watching TV, and movies.