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    Re-establishing OEM Key Codes

    On the bottom of the screen, where it asks for a key, you should see “I don’t have a key” just click on that to continue the install. It will automatically activate once you go on the internet. For Windows 10 Microsoft uses the hardware ID’s of the computer and stores them in their activation...
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    Emails Missent

    You do not say what type of Email service you use. Is it web based like Gmail or Yahoo Mail or do you use a program like Outlook? I use Yahoo Mail and had this problem. They say to create a new Contact and use the Email address that is going into your (Spam) junk mail. Do this for each different...
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    SOLVED Windows 7 Premium Bluetooth Drivers

    Go to Samsung’s website, then their support page. Type in the model number of your computer. Look for drivers and the Bluetooth driver. Download the one for your laptop and install it.
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    SOLVED USB won't work

    Try this, open an elevated (admin) command prompt Type these commands. Press Enter after each one Diskpart Automount enable Exit Exit See if that works.
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    Delete folder/files - access denied

    I would advise you to make a live Linux usb flash drive and boot from it to delete any file or folder you want. If you are not familiar with live Linux, it is a portable operating system that runs off the flash drive. No files are written to your hard drive and when you shutdown, it is...
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    SOLVED win 7 can't find wifi network

    I'm glad you got it working, thanks for the update.
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    SOLVED win 7 can't find wifi network

    It sounds like the wifi driver is missing. Go to Device Manager and look for Network adapters. Do you see Unknown Device in the Network adapters section? If so, right click on Unknown Devive and click on Properties. A new window will pop up. Click on the Details tab near to top. You will see...
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    Sometimes it's best to use a hammer.

    Install Microsoft's Convenience Rollup. It's like Service Pack 2 for Windows 7.
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    Reactivation of Office 2013 Pro Plus

    Microsoft made a tool to completely remove Office 2013 from your computer. I would first uninstall Office through the Control Panel and then download and run the Mr. Fix it tool. After you run the tool, no trace of Office will be on you computer. Then just reinstall Office and hopefully your...
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    Windows Updates

    Here is a guide to install almost all the updates at once. It's like Service Pack 2
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    Hello to W7forums!

    Hi, welcome to Windows 7Forums. Enjoy your stay.
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    Upgrading to Windows 7 and drivers

    What I do before a clean install is go to Device Manager and expand every entry in there to see the name of every piece of hardware on your computer. Now find "print screen" on your keyboard and hit that key. Now open up "Paint" and hit "Paste". A picture of the device manager should be there...