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    Planned changes to "Big Advanced"

    EVERYONE'S production is being kicked down across the board which means, relatively speaking, everyone's rankings will stay approximately the same. In other words, 100 is the new 1000 or whatever. It's just a matter of degrees.
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    SOLVED Just got Crysis today & need some help

    Yes, that should be fine.
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    SOLVED Just got Crysis today & need some help

    PunkBuster is required for online play, and GameSpy is the built-in server browser to join multiplayer servers. It's up to you if you want those.
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    Help: Any vmware player expert here?

    Just uninstall VMWare and then reinstall it. Your VMWare images will remain on your hard drive, ready and waiting for you to import and pick up right where you left off.
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    which windows new pc?

    If you have to ask, Home Premium is right for you.
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    Help with drivers!

    Dude, what the hell, this ain't right. There aren't even 25 devices on a system that can have drivers missing.
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    Windows games

    Checked for a video driver update lately?
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    2011 Social Security Stimulus package

    I'm sure our site can do without hyperbolic xenophobia. Thread closed.
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    SOLVED Need recommendation for new 1000-1200 watt modular psu.

    Just keep in mind that none of the all-in-one watercooling systems perform any better for any less money than a good air cooler. The water coolers should only be explored if you cannot tolerate the volume of low-RPM/140mm fans. The Thermaltake Frio OCK, Prolimatech Genesis, Thermalright Arrow...
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    SOLVED Need recommendation for new 1000-1200 watt modular psu.

    You know you only need roughly 850W for two 6950s or 6970s, right? You don't need 1200W until you start running 3 or 4 GPUs. This is because the 6950 is a 225W card, and the 6970 is a 300W card, meaning two of them are only 450-600W, and 850W is plenty enough juice to run the rest. That said...
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    needing new PSU

    Single-rail is more reliable, and I recommend Corsair. Nobody has made consistently better PSUs.
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    That's RAID1, which mirrors all data from drive A to drive B. OP was asking about RAID0, which splits all data between two drives, meaning if one drive crashes, you just irretrievably lost half the information for every single file on your RAID array. RAID0 is only advisable when you have...
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    .ZIP Compression Feature

    If you have WinRAR installed, right click on a bunch of files and hit "add to archive..." WinRAR's compression menu will appear. Select zip as the archive format. Done.
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    DirectX 11 crashes system

    What Catalyst driver version?
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    AMD display driver: Final status fail.

    Try this: