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    W7 upgrade???

    what if the os license is tied to a oem account? vlk wak or other type of volume license ??
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    W7 upgrade???

    where I work I am suggesting windows 7 upgrade. I have only one question, can you do a freash install with a w7 upgrade or do you have to upgrade a allready installed os ?
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    New build # 12 for w7 need help

    Hey I am working on my number 12 build dedicated for a W7 machine, the reason this is different is it is going to be my first high performance quad core for personal use rather then a customer build. so far I am thinking a quad core processor, 6 gigs ram, 1 gig video card, 500gig hdd. I am...
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    Voice how to set up

    Need help setting up my voice recgonition on my profile only that way I can work on making a HAL W7 which if it works I am going to imbed it in a vehicle cappible of wardriving..... but since we wont hear or see about a new windows till minum 2014 I think it will be fun as hell Please all...
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    SOLVED Windows 7 ISO – Official Direct Download Links

    what hasselses are you hearing abotu OEM keys ?? I have OEM at my disposial and I havent had one complant since relaese of W7 and these are professional gamers that are using my product...........
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    SOLVED How to get FOUR versions of Windows 7 x64 from one DVD

    I have windows 7 ultimate copy one code for both 64 and 32 bit and the pro versions I have are one code for each bit 64 and my x86 versions. I am unknown about any of the lesser versions upgrade or home.... I am sticking with pro for family and ultimate for my personal and work computers.
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    service pack 1 for windows 7

    I feel the only thing I feel service pack one will include would be hardware updates along with security. I am on my 12th W7 system and so far since release no problems or complants form my customers besides finding drivers for 3 year or older hardware componets
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    Whats Your Phone ?

    LG LX370 phone here waiting on a htc something or other. but it is a fully capible web phone and I can do what I want with the firm ware as I please unlike other companies I am with sprint for I can hardware hack the phones and not breach my contract. plus I can watch youtube videos on it
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    PCI: Why won’t it die?

    Ok so sorry people the guy forgot to mention PCI-X which is used in servers it is 64bit. and has a transfer rate little above 2g a second but yea PCI-e needs more cards to support the hardware we try or want to implament in to our systems plus we need more options of full atx boards to choose...
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    PCI: Why won’t it die?

    Havent read the article yet but I work with older computers way to much. One universal slot wich will suport not only 32bit cards but 64 bit as well would be nice and if windows 8 is 128bit a slot that will totally support the few 128 bit cards out there.. ( not graphis but raid cards, video...
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    where are the windows games?

    Yea I got the games there kinda week at my prospective but I got the wifey wanting to play them. thanks every one my next question is a good site with nice sound theames for system stuff or a nice safe ( free is best) site to mod my W7
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    18 cool things Windows 7 does that Vista doesn't

    One thing cool W7 does is when you attach it to a network you can axcess all public folders on the network enless you go in and turn off the default sharing. plus the home gorup feature is sweet I can run programs form any one of my computer on my laptop and not have to worry about hardware...
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    Windows 8 could be 128-bit

    besides server applications in super computers nothing. but the W8 leading to a 128bit systems means there has been a major break through in a Quantom computer especially adapting it to a analog computer liek our 32bit and 64 bit systems........ the 128bit system is only seen in GPU's and...
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    All Games Crash

    f you have a 64 bit os then you will have to install under the x86 in order to run properly. I have had only issues with Halo and maple story but I finally got maple story running every other game I have has ran with out issues or the issues it has had is reguarding other componets then my ram...
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    where are the windows games?

    Yea after I posted I was thinking and thinking and rembered in professional XP that you can turn on and off windows componets and tried less then 30 minutes ago thanks very much......... any other cool things in professional ?? im so used to ultimate on my laptop i feel like im using a...