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    SOLVED Soundmax Drivers

    Did you do an upgrade from XP, because if you did the link below will help. Good luck Mate.
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    BSOD Problem :(

    Are your drivers up to date? because once I had a similar problem with an old laptop. Update your graphics drivers. if you have an AMD card go to and download their Catalyst software.
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    U.S. Homeland Security urges computer users to disable Java

    Scary, and just the think I was once programming in Java....
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    Regaining your startup time.

    Thanks for the tip mate!
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    Upgrading your PC to Windows 7

    Thanks clifford_cooley!
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    SOLVED Beautiful windows Wallpapers Collections

    Nice! Sweet wallpapers! Nothing for Halo? Oh well....
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    SOLVED Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads

    I guess this is the Mod's hang out thread..?
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    Movie Maker & Video Properties inaccurate?

    Adobe Premier?
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    SOLVED Install Powers Off Machine

    What I meant was, start the machine up in safe mode then install. Sorry for confusing anyone... :o
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    Help with USB install of 7

    Hello! In an effort to clear more space on my UX31E-DH52 I have decided that a fresh install of 7 is necessary. I have made back ups of the system already. I would like to install 7 from a thumb drive, any tips would be AWESOME!
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    What?! Twinkie died?!
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    Folder sharing between Win7 and XP

    Thanks! Thanks, I have been trying to setup an old desktop running XP as offsite storage.
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    Video Card

    Uh... You think upgrading your graphics card will increase your speed? Nope! It's probably their servers.
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    BSOD mystery please help!

    Hello! Perhaps it's a bug in the OS?...