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    Windows 7 wont startup

    How to change drive letters tutorial -=> Here Hope this helps ;)
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    Windows.Old How to get them back?

    Thanks SIW2! Its always good to run into old friends!! ;)
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    Windows.Old How to get them back?

    Hi Martin ... Welcome to the forums!! The Windows.old folder is there so that you can recover data files, program settings and documents etc etc... You will still have to install your programs... In the future, image your drive as soon as you get it set up to a different drive/
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    Upgrading 32bit vista to 64bit Win7?

    You will be able to run the 64bit version of Windows 7, but your "speed" increase may not be as significant as you believe ... you will note an increased efficiency in the way that some programs function though...
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    Is Windows 7 RC patched as much as the RTM

    Remember that the RC 7100 version is a pre beta version of Windows 7... It was never meant to be used as a main OS.... Get the RTM/Final version ... you wont regret it.... Cheers