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    Cool game suggestion

    why not try Metro Last light looks really pretty on high settings your pc will! easily run it! :D
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    Unidentified Network (No Internet Access)

    Can you give me some more information on this have to gone into control panel network and sharing and click the option where is says set up a connection or network and it will give you the option to create a network wireless.
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    Change default font & text size in Word pad

    Hello my friend i know how to change this open your wordpad and hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and whilst holding that press a this will select everything on your page once you have press that change the font and size to whatever you link then go to file save as and call the file worldpad...
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    dll error

    check this out in the description there is a fix DLL Fixer that you can download!
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    Internet Properties/Connections/ LAN Settings keeps popping up and closing

    Hello there if this is annoying you then try this! :) , Click the start button and in the small search bar bellow type run once you click the run button type in regsvr32 /u ahiehelp.dll, and then click OK.Then it will say command was complete then go into your internet again see if that has...
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    Need 4 speed Underground Sound Issues

    Ive seen this problem before it might be possible to download the album and then extract the music into the NFS folder ?