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    Windows 7 reinstall and Internet Explorer 11 problem

    Hello everybody, Haven't been here in a while. I've just reinstalled W7 and upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 for a friend. On the favorites bar and menu bar there is no Tools option for Internet options and in the favorite menu there is no option for selecting a favorite site. My friend is...
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    SOLVED Windows7 Ultimate and aero

    I thought there were more aero features.
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    SOLVED Windows7 Ultimate and aero

    Hello Everybody, I've just upgraded W7 Pro to Ultimate. How can I open the aero features? I can't seem to find them. Do I have to activate aero? My OS is 32bit with 2.25 G's of RAM. Thanks:confused:
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    Thank you ?

    I love this forum as it's been very helpful. After some one responding I've always thanked that person. But it never shows up at the site. It says 0 thanked. Thanks
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    W7 Clipboard?

    I know this is a stupid but I can't find clipboard. Thanks:o
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    SOLVED ISO Codec?

    Thanks, I mounted the image and watched it in WMC.
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    SOLVED ISO Codec?

    ISO ? Maybe I wasn't clear. The file I have is a movie, I wan't to play in Windows Media Center so I converted it to a ISO image. I don't want to burn it. WMC says it doesn't have the codec. I went through this with Windows XP years ago
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    SOLVED ISO Codec?

    Hello, I have W7 Pro. Windows Media Center does not have ISO Codec. Everything I've found wants to download a toolbar or some adware/spyware. Where can I get just the ISO codec? Thanks for the help.:confused:
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    Hello Everybody

    I'm C and glad to be here.:)