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    Change Computer Name - Discussion

    Before you begin, make sure you are using a Windows 7 account with administrative rights. Begin by clicking on Start and then right clicking on My Computer. Select Properties from the menu that appears. This opens the Systems Information window. On the far left of this window, click on Advanced...
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    SOLVED Home » Windows 7 , Install & Uninstall How to Backup & Restore Windows 7 Activation

    Once you have backup windows 7 activation status you can restore any time when you reinstall windows 7. The only condition is there should not be any hardware change and this tool is not for bypassing windows 7 activation. You must have genuine windows 7 product key to use this tool.
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    SOLVED Backup Windows 7 and Office 2010 Activation Tokens files with Advanced Tokens Manager

    Backup is one important thing to do for any of your digital devices, be it PC, phone, tablets or any other. We have already covered many freeware tools to take a regular backup of your Windows.
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    Can I use 32 bit Win 7 disc to install 64 bit Win 7?

    It is impossible to upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit. You need to do a clean install.
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    SOLVED MS Word 2007 settings problems

    Check the "Macro Settings" you probably need to tell it to run macros.
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    Windows live calendar

    Click the "Import" button in the toolbar on the Live Calendar to enter the import function interface, and then click the "Browse" button to input data files. Live Calendar supports calendar ICS file format, so long as the other programs or services can export this format can be easily added to...
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    SOLVED What's the safest way to upgrade from Microsoft Office 2007 to MicrosoftOffice 2010 ?

    I always used one VM for each envoriment, because you will get some problems.
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    SOLVED Windows Live Mail

    Look into //username/appdata/local/microsoft/windows live mail/your isp. "username" is your username, "appdata" is a hidden folder (you must check "Show hidden folders" in "Folder Options" -> "View"), "your isp" is the e-mail account from your provider. The incoming mails are stored there, as...
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    How to Change Wallpaper - Discussion

    Desktop right point on the property, which has a desktop wallpaper options, is set on the inside.
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    Widows 7 32 or 64bit?

    64-bit can be used on any system, regardless of how much RAM you have. 32-bit can do that also, however, it can only utilise up to 4GB of that RAM. Therefore, if you have anything less than 4GB of RAM, 32-bit is the way to go.
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    SOLVED reinstalling windows 7 home premium 64 bit without disc

    I am sure that every one out there who is still using Window has a product key number. However, Microsoft limits that key to only one computer.
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    Change Windows 7 Product Key - Discussion

    thanks, very helpful!