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    which Browser fast?

    My Default is FF, but use MSIE 9 to download and update programs such as CC Cleaner as it gives a run feature instead having to save then run. I also at times use Commodo Dragon which is built on Chrome engine and I also use Chrome but sparingly
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    SOLVED How can I get rid of the hiberfil.sys file in Windows7 home edition

    It looks like in original message that he tried power off command. However I could have read it wrong
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    browser speed test

    Trainable that is what I was trying to say, I believe it up loads and down loads a 1 meg file to run the test. I am not sure about this. The only ISP's that will give a consistent speed are DSL through the phone company here in US and you speed will depend on how far away you are from switching...
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    browser speed test is not a ping test that is separate test. tell you your ISP speed. What it does is measure the speed between your computer and ISP to a specific server, the speed will vary from server to server. There are tests to measure browser speed. MY FF is slower...
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    browser speed test

    I have no difference in speed on IE9 74 bit, FF, Pale Moon or Comodo Dragon. I have used some tweaks in configuring FF and the FF knock off pale moon that does speed up the browser, but this should not effect upload or download speeds here is my FF Here...
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    create bad sectors in my hdd

    You want this information for the purpose of filing a false claim, this is not the function of a help board such as this, I would suggest saving your money and buying new hard drive for your laptop. What you are doing is considered cheating, I for one will not help you nor most likely will any...
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    create bad sectors in my hdd

    How do we know its for your computer? You may want this information for spurious reason
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    system back up

    Macrium reflect 5.0 has a free version simple to use so does Easeus it also has a free version very easy to use
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    New political Term is born

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    Tip for Free health care

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    What is a Veteran

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    Happy 236th Birthday USMC. All gave some,some gave all
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    system back up

    Just go into backup and restore and delete some of your old backups, I personally only keep the last three weeks worth. Yes you can also set it up to only file and folders just poke around=d in backup and restore I am sure you will figure it out.
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    SOLVED Firefox with Bing search now available

    you could always have had Bing as a search engine in FF just use the manage your search engines function and make Bing you default
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    SOLVED Adobe Flash Player 11 Now Supports 64-bit Browsers!

    This has been out for a week or so (old news), plus Adobe was making a flash player for 64 bit when it was in the 10.xx version, I know because i was using it it for IE9 since its beta days about a year ago and it worked fine.