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    AVG Free Compatability

    Thanks for that, at least we know it is both versions. I also have turned off the feature, avoiding messages.
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    AVG Free Compatability

    Yes, I had no problems installing, it runs scans fine, checks incoming mail as normal, it is just that Windows 7 (well at least the x64) does not recognise it.
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    AVG Free Compatability

    According to the warning message on my Windows 7 64 bit RC, my AVG free is not compatable with Windows 7, but AVG are stating that it is compatible Does anyone else have any comments?
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    Setting up a network

    Rightly or wrongly, I have set up my main computer, and my netbook with Windows 7 RC, the desktop with the 64 bit version, the netbook with the 32 bit. Managed to set up a Home Network for the first time since XP days, I never could get the hang of it in Vista. Everything is fine, I am able to...
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    Prices of the official windows 7?

    Microsoft should recognise there is a world recession, and should price "competively" (in quotes because there is really no competition), that way discouraging the hackers and piracy users. I seem to recall there was one African nation where Microsoft reckoned that 99% of all Windows...